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Hello I’m Tasmin Little and I hope everyone watching is keeping safe.  

I’ve been becoming aware that many people are feeling distanced from loved ones and cherished friends during lockdown.
We are all experiencing circumstances that are extremely challenging, and we are also unable to be with people we care about
at important times. Some of you may not be able to visit loved ones in hospital, others might not be able to celebrate a special
occasion such as a birthday or anniversary with people they care about.

So starting this week I’m going to be generating personalised messages for people to send to those whom they cannot see
during these difficult months.

All the information is in the links below and if you would like to write to me and let me know who you would like this greeting
to be for, and what the occasion is, I will put together a personalised message for them.

I can also play a short piece of music and, if you’d like me to do that, it would help if you can give me an idea of the kind
of music they enjoy... For instance, somebody might love to hear Bach and another person might prefer something
more easy listening. Some people like slow and tranquil music and others enjoy something uplifting and lively.

Each week I will be donating 7 hours of my time to generate 7 special messages - all the proceeds of these 7 messages
will go to the charity Help Musicians UK - this is a wonderful charity that really supports musicians during difficult times,
for instance those suffering illness or financial struggle.

I will also create a few additional messages each week and you will find the details for all of this below.

Thank you very much for your support which means a huge amount to the musical community.

For Help Musicians website information, please click these LINKS below:
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